Company profile

We founded the ENSTRA, a. s. company In the year 2007. We mainly focus on the supply and distribution of electrical energy, the management and delivery of turnkey transformers, the administration of facilities and buildings, and counseling in the field of electroenergetics.

Since the time we've founded our company we have realized a great number of energy projects. We distribute electricity through our own local distribution systems and we supply hundreds of customers. Their structure is very diverse. Our portfolio contains firms that focus on the recovery of metals, firms that produce for the automobile industry, firms that produce metal leaf, firms that produce steel structures and several industrial parks.

At the same time we also offer the complex management and administration of local distribution systems.

Our goals

The main goal of the ENSTRA, a. s. company is to have satisfied customers. We devote all our effort to realizing this goal. We know that only a cooperation that is mutually beneficial ensures the best result.

An other goal is to continuously improve the quality we offer and to expand our range of services. On top of the basic services in the area of supplying and distributing electricity - it goes without saying that we guarantee the best quality - it's our goal to also offer high quality services in the area of project and administration operations and in the area of housing construction.

One of our main goals is to also handle the complex administration of local distribution systems. We offer to do this from the moment they are being set up, all through the complex process of securing their operation, and the evaluation of their profitability and high quality counseling.


Since the founding of ENSTRA, a. s. we have realized and kept record of:


Local Distribution Systems (LDS)

We guarantee the distribution and supply of electricity for our customers in our Local Distribution Centers. We suggest, design and watch over eletricity connections and we connect user spots. We handle the measuring and the correct billing of the measured values. During regular monthly or yearly intervals we draw up invoices for the electricity use and for all accompanying services.
We have all the indispensable internal processes and services up and running and we have all the necessary equipment at our disposal to allow us to quickly arrange and bring under our administration any local distribution center. Regardless of the fact whether it's located in an industrial area or in a shopping center.

Thanks to years of experience we are able to guarantee:

Supplying electricity to households and small enterprises

In recent years we have established ourselves on the energy market as one of the alternative suppliers. Thanks to the efficient handling of our portfolio we are able to offer optimal prices for electricity to households and small and medium sized enterprises. This category of consumers are designated under the statute of ÚRSO number 221/2013 Z.z. And as a result they are considered to be vulnerable consumers. This means they have the right to receive electricity at regulated prices. These prices have been decreed to be the maximum prices.

At first glance one might think the regulation of prices of so called 'hard electricity' or independent electrical energy without other charges, limits competition in this area of consumption. The opposite is true however. Suppliers are capable of offering their customers prices that are considerably lower than the maximum prices. We also have to take into account that the maximum prices established by the aforementioned ÚRSO are the same for all suppliers. Every supplier has the opportunity to lower the maximum prices and when lots of suppliers -including our company- do this we get a competitive field. The customer can then choose the most advantageous price.

You can find your current prices for households and for small and medium sized enterpriseshere.

When you are considering the price it's not only important to choose the lowest price, it's also very important to choose a supplier that ensures a stabile price and treats his customers fairly. This is our foremost goal.

If you wish to get the most advantageous price for electricity it's necessary to find a new distributor and to go through the process of changing your supplier. You don't have to have any concerns over this. The ÚRSO offers assistance with this in the form of price calculations and in the form of the document Useful information for consumers of electricity and gas in households. In this document you can find a lot of information concerning prices that suppliers offer. In the document you will also find all the possibilities and responsibilities you may want to know about if you plan to change your supplier.

If you wish to change your electricity supplier we are happy to advice you personally at the address listed below. You can also call us at the following number 0850 122 010 or you can contact us via email: You can also fill in this form and we will answer you based on the data you fill in there.

Supplying electrical energy to corporations and institutions

Although percentage wise the commodity component is dropping (the so called 'electricity generation', meaning electricity independent of any additional costs) this has had no effect on the end price of electricity. The price of electricity generation is directly linked to the market price which is very volatile. For this reason it's not easy to determine the most optimal moment to buy electricity.

Thanks to our own experience and that of our trading partners we can offer assistance during negotiations in this area. We also offer to buy electricity in parts. When we sign the contract we draw up a scheme together. This scheme will allow us to determine the price at any point in the future. You can spread your purchases of electricity and buy it at different moments along the way. This way you greatly reduce the risk you run if you were to buy all your electricity through a one-time purchase at a high price.

An essential component of the price of electricity generation apart from the commodity costs are the costs for drawing up your diagram and the deviation between the amount of electricity that was purchased and the amount that was actually consumed. In the process of determining the price we make a detailed analysis of your user diagram and we offer you the most appropriate and most advantageous way of buying what you need at optimal prices.

Of course you can count on our support in the subsequent process of changing your supplier. During the switch you will also receive access to our customer portal, where you will find all your data concerning your consumption of electrical energy, invoices and other data related to your use of electrical energy.

If you wish to change your electricity supplier or just get some informations about options and steps during the supplier switching process, we are happy to advice you personally at the address listed below. You can also call us at the following number 0850 122 010 or you can contact us via email: You can also fill in this form and we will answer you based on the data you fill in there.

Energy structures and their realization

Our many succesfully finished projects and our projects that are in operation today are a testimony to the professionality and capabilities of our company. We handle all sorts of energy projects ranging from the most simple user centers to very large distribution projects.

Together with you we will carefully discuss your needs and concerns and your current situation. We will then make a proposal concerning the way you could set up your energy devices or how to renew them.

Following this we will prepare all the project documentation. We will prepare all the necessary documentation in such a way as to ensure that the procedures at the offices responsible for area and construction planning go smoothly and without problems.

We take care of the energy structures and the installation of the project's technology and energy devices. When the works are finished we handle the management of revision and inspection procedures.

If you wish to continue our mutually beneficial cooperation we also take care of the maintainance of your energy devices and objects. This includes check-ups and revisions of all your devices by experts.

Electricity production

Every year we produce and add to the electricity net thousands of megawatt hours of electricity. At the same time we also generate warmth, because we produce electricity in a process involving a gas turbine which allows us to generate both warmth and electricity. The burning of gas in the gas turbine generates mechanical energy which drives the generator that makes electricity and at the same time the burning generates warmth, which warms up water and this flows to the consumers of warmth through warm water distributors.

This process of producing electricity and warmth has some significant advantages compared to classic power plants which only produce electricity. The energy contained in the fuel is transformed much more efficiently. In other words, with the same amount of energy sources we get a lot more energy (warmth plus electricity) thanks to this process of co-generation than would be the case if we would produce only electricity or only warmth.

A logical consequence of this co-generating production is that a lot less greenhouse gasses are released into the air per produced unit of energy. This is one of the main reasons why this form of cogenerating energy production gets some financial support from the government.

That's why during this process we use gas as the primary fuel. This results in more efficiency and less losses. At the same time we also use less emission allowances. In this way we help to protect the environment.


We are proud of all the projects we have realized, finished and handed over. We always strive to fulfill the expectations of our customers and suppliers. We handle construction work, assembly work and electrical installations with the highest possible care and we are able to finish these projects in a short span of time. Efficiency and satisfied customers are our primary goal.

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